At Buller High School we expect our students to wear the school uniform with pride. The Board of Trustees, Principal and Staff appreciate the co-operation and assistance of parents in maintaining a high standard of dress at school, which helps to raise self-esteem and generate a sense of pride in our pupils. The uniform and guidelines for wearing it are strictly adhered to and breaches of these are treated seriously.  
The school uniform must be worn correctly. This includes times when a pupil is attending school, travelling to and from school, representing the School on official trips and other functions.  
  • Any variation to the uniform for an individual pupil for the long-term, must have the approval of the Deputy Principal (seniors) or Assistant Principal (juniors).  
  • Temporary exemptions in an emergency will usually be granted on request from a parent/caregiver providing that a note, clearly stating the reason and the length of time requested, is presented to the House Dean on Duty before classes begin for the day.  
  • NOTE: The House Dean will attempt to provide correct uniform for the day. If this is not possible, a pass will be provided. 
  • Additional non-uniform clothing worn for extra warmth, must not be visible.  
  • Skirts should be knee length or below. 
  • The jersey and jacket must have the Buller High School crest. 
  • Jackets etc. from sports teams, are not part of the day-to-day school uniform. 
  • Jewellery is restricted to a watch, small studs worn in the ears and one small discreet nose stud. No other jewellery is permitted. 
  • Jewellery may have to be removed for health and safety reasons.  
  • Items of cultural or religious significance may be worn.  
  • Makeup must be discreet and in neutral tones.  
  • All items of clothing should be clearly named. 
 Junior Uniform Items include:   
  • Skirt – school tartan 
  • Grey or black shorts 
  • Long grey or black trousers 
  • White polo
  • Blue polo shirt 
  • Jersey 
  • Polo fleece 
  • Vest 
  • Soft shell jacket 
  • Black crew socks 
  • Black pantyhose or tights 
  • Black dress shoes covering whole foot with sturdy back (no high-tops or boots) 
  • Black cap 
  • Black bucket hat 
  • PE Uniform 
Senior Uniform items include: 
As above plus: 
  • Blazer, which must be worn with white shirt and tie. 
  • Long-sleeve white shirts must be worn with tie.