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Head of Student Services

Mrs Ainslie Duncan (nee Savage) Head of Student Services

Originally from Koromiko, Marlborough, I have been living and working at BHS since April 2009. I am a fully qualified counsellor and I have full membership with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.


I am not a ‘one-woman band’ – there are many outside agencies that work alongside the school.

The following people/services work from our agency room on a regular basis.

Monday:   Buller REAP
Tuesday:   Pana Leontiadu – Social Worker in Schools:  Home-builders
Wednesday:  PHO (Primary Health Organisation)
Thursday: Pana Leontiadu – Social Worker in Schools: Home-builders 
Friday: Lynley Pratt – Public Health Nurse – who does Year 10 HEEADSSS (Home, Education, Eating, Activities, Drugs and Alcohol, Sexuality, Suicide and Depression, Safety) Assessment which allows for early identification of mental health, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues and other information to assist young people in their development. 
Note: Lynley also has a lunchtime Health and well-being drop-in clinic.
Referrals for any agencies can be via myself or self-referral. For those under 16, parental consent must be given.

If students would like to see me I can be approached directly through the contact details below, or outside my office, there are some slips that can be filled in and put under my door.

Phone No:
(03) 789 7299 ext 836

Other people at school who you can ask for help:
  • Your House Teacher
  • Your Dean
  • Careers Team
  • Deputy/Assistant Principal
  • A Senior Student – Prefect, Peer Support Leader, Student Representative
  • A favourite teacher
  • Sports Co-ordinator
  • Library Manager
  • Office Staff
  • Teacher Aide