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The Food and Fabric department focuses on letting students practice and become proficient in a wide range of practical skills that will help them navigate adult life. We emphasize the importance of manaakitanga- the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others. The courses are a blend of theory and practical work.

The Junior Curriculum:

Food Technology
At the Junior level, students will learn and understand the Technology process to develop a new food product. The course also covers project planning, functional modelling and design and stakeholder-focused product.
​​​​​​​Fabric Technology 
Students learn project planning, and functional modelling through experimenting with many different techniques and construction skills, applying the concept of malfunction to their projects and exploring the purpose behind the development and implementation of new products.

The Senior Curriculum:

This course offers a wide variety of cooking skills, as well as a compulsory industry-related hygiene and safety qualification. The students will sit several practical and theory assessments to gain Service IQ unit standards. The emphasis is on good teamwork, food safety and culinary skills. The students may cater for sporting and social events. This programme will suit students who are looking for employment-related skills and/or have a desire to be proficient in the kitchen. 

 Courses flow chart

List of Department Staff:

HOD Technology/Food and Fabric – Sheree Hollis  
Technician – Margaret Simonsen

Important Department Info 

Procedures to follow when preparing for cooking and serving food
  • Wear correct uniform
  • Wear an apron
  • Covered shoes
  • No jewellery
  • Nails short and clean, hands washed and dried thoroughly
  • Hair covered – Yr11 upwards, or tied back- junior