Science Dept

Science Dept

The BHS Science department aims to increase the engagement of students by involving them in the learning process so that they become lifelong learners who are “Ready for the Challenges of Tomorrow  (BHS Mission Statement).  We promote and support student learning by presenting programs, experiences and opportunities that encourage independent learning.

The Junior Curriculum:

We explore a range of Science topics that allow students to discover Science in many different contexts.
The skills that are fostered allow students to become active participants in our democracy and prepare them for the challenges of the senior Science curriculum.

The Senior Curriculum:

In Year 11, students have the choice of three separate Science courses.  These are Horticulture, Physical Science and Biological Science. 
Then in Years 12 and 13, students can choose a mix of the three traditional subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to suit their own desired pathway in science.

 Courses flow chart

List of Department Staff:

Stephen Dorey – HOD
Shelley Hogarth (Science Technician)