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We focus on the wellbeing of the students themselves, of other people an of society through learning in health-related and movement contexts. The four key concepts embedded into this learning area are Hauora, Attitudes and values, Socio ecological perspective, and Health promotion.

Physical Education:

In Physical Education they will learn in, through and about movement as they engage in play, games, sport, exercise, recreation, adventure and expressive movement in diverse physical and social environments. Students gain an understanding that movement is integral to human expression and that it can contribute to people’s pleasure and enhances their lives. They learn to understand, appreciate, and move their bodies, relative positively to others, and demonstrate constructive attitudes and values. It fosters critical thinking and action and enables students to understand the role and significance of
physical activity for individuals and society.


Students develop their understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups, and society. They develop competencies for mental wellness and resilience, reproductive health and positive sexuality, safety management, nutritional needs.

They build resilience through strengthening self worth and they personal identity, managing change and loss and engaging in responsible decision making skills. They also take critical action to promote wellbeing.

Junior Curriculum:

At Year 9 PE is compulsory for 2 hours a week and students have 27 hours of Health Education a year as part of the option rotations.

At Year 10 PE is also compulsory for 2 hours a week however Health Education is an optional but recommended.

Senior Curriculum:

In the Senior School we offer PE and Health at all NCEA Levels:

 Courses flow chart

List of Department Staff:

Rebecca Miller  HOD (on Study Leave) ext 847
Lucy Stephens –
Craig Arnold –

Annie Evans – sports co-ordinator