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The Pathways Department is all about your future pathway in life. We offer courses from years 9 – 13, We work together with other departments to make sure that each student has a direction as they leave the school. 

In our Department, we cover Digital Technology, Business Studies, Pathways and Careers, Trades Academy, Distance Learning and Gateway. 

Digital Technology: 

The digital curriculum is about teaching akonga how to design their own digital solutions and become creators of, not just users of, digital technologies, to prepare them for the modern workforce. 
This is all done in the two technological areas: 
Computational thinking for digital technologies – Students will develop an understanding of computer science principles that underlie all digital technologies. They’ll learn core programming concepts so that they can become creators of digital technology, not just users. 
Designing and developing digital outcomes  – Students will learn how to design quality, fit-for-purpose digital solutions.

Business Studies 

The study of business is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan, and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers. The knowledge and skills gained in business studies, and exposure to enterprise culture, can help shape “creative, energetic, and enterprising” young people (the curriculum vision statement) who will contribute to New Zealand’s economic future. 


Key workplace competencies are important for all students, not just those going directly into work after leaving school. These competencies are diverse and can include specialist or technical skills, work readiness skills, and more general ‘soft’ people and relationship management skills. In Pathways, Employability skills and Workplace competencies are explored. We also look at the skills that are needed to go forward in life as Flatting, Debt, and Budgeting. Stress and communication. A career plan is worked through as well. 

The Junior Curriculum:   

Digital Technology is a compulsory course in Year 9 and will be taken for 10 weeks. In Year 10 it is a semester option. This delves into coding, computer science and everyday computing.  Business studies is a year 10 semester option programme. Students work towards making their own company and attending a Market Day. 

The Senior Curriculum:  

In the Senior School, students are offered courses in Business Studies, Digital Technology, Pathways. Students can also opt for a distance learning subject. Trades Academy can also be applied for.

 Courses flow chart

List of Department Staff:

Miriam Comeskey – HOD
Georgia Hawes (Gateway)