Māori Dept

Māori Dept

The focus of the Māori Department is to build a greater interest in, and respect for the use of, Te Reo Māori and Tikanga (Māori practices), as a living language and culture, within BullerHigh School and the wider community.

Within the Māori Department students are offered a wide variety of learning opportunities that include Te Reo Māori (inclusive of writing, reading, speaking, and listening comprehension), Tikanga, Kawa (protocols) Kapa Haka (Māori Performing Arts), Mau Rakau (Traditional Māori Weaponry) and Raranga (Weaving).  

The Junior Curriculum:  

Students will learn in an interactive, fun way, using a communicative approach, that will further develop their social skills and appreciation of values such as manaakitanga (hospitality/caring for and supporting others). Building on a foundation of Te Reo Māori, this course aims to enrich and broaden ākonga/students’ understanding of Te Ao Māori/The Māori World, and strengthen cultural identity. Year 10 Māori will cover a range of topics and activities, with a focus on the development of skills in Te Reo 

The Senior Curriculum:  

Ākonga will focus on developing their ability to understand Te Reo Māori in familiar contexts and for them to be able to kōrero in a supportive environment. More capable learners will be able to extend their reo through Pānui/Reading Comprehension, in preparation for an external exam. There is also a practical assessment for ākonga who have/develop skills in Kapa Haka. Students who do not do Kapa Haka can choose instead to research people associated with Māori Performing Arts.

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List of Department Staff:

Julie Sherpa – HOD Julie.sherpa@buller.ac.nz