Prefect Body 2022

Meet our 2022 Head Students

Maddox Manawatu

Head Boy

Tui Marama

Head Girl

Cian Pratt

Deputy Head Boy

Niamh Mason

Deputy Head Girl

The Prefects for 2022:

Back Row: Cian Pratt, Liam Anderson, Radha Harris, Maddox Manawatu, Charlie Weaver, Kane Steenhauer
Front Row: Tui Marama, Keeley Ridley, Niamh Mason, Leonie Wieczorek, Jessie Gallagher, Kayla Craddock, Grace Poynter
Absent: Alexzy Wallace

Senior management and staff are looking forward to working with these leaders to continue to build a positive learning and pastoral culture at Buller High School.

Peer Support:

The Peer support group play a crucial part in the transition of our new Year 9’s into the school. They spend quite a bit of time with the year 9’s in term 1 building and developing relationships with them.
Peer Support leaders were selected in November 2021 by the House Deans.

Grey 2022:
Eden Sutherland
Ewan Stuart
Isla Sutherland
Thomas Gowland-Thomas

Marsden 2022:
Turlough Bennett
Ryan Fox
Nikaia Crickett
Killarnee Barlow

Seddon 2022:
Indi Angel
Samantha Manning
Ashlee Forsyth
Louella Prasad

Wilding 2022:
Phoenix Noble
Allie Syron
Guiseppe Scanlon
Karl Yap

Back Row: Guiseppe Scanlon, Eden Sutherland, Isla Sutherland, Killarnee Barlow, Nikaia Crickett, Karl Yap
Front Row: Ryan Fox, Ashlee Forysth, Indi Angel, Louella Prasad, Samantha Manning
Absent: Ewan Stuart, Thomas Gowland-Thomas, Turlough Bennett, Phoenix Noble, Allie Syron

Big Brother/Big Sister Peer Support Team:

This was first trailed in 2016. It is a partnership between Home builders, North school and Buller High School. 
In the programme, the High School students will mentor 1:1 with a student from North School. This has proved very successful and provided additional support for year 8 students in their transition to Buller High School

Senior House Leaders:

Arya Gower, Levi Phipps

Grace Poynter, Turlough Bennett

Louella Prasad, Samantha Manning

Maddox Manawatu, Keeley Ridley

Student Council:

Each house class will vote for their class representative on the student council at the beginning of each year. Students will attend monthly meetings and then feed back to their classes.

Junior Leadership Programme:

Students in year 9 and 10 are offered the opportunity to take on some junior leadership roles during the year. These students will complete a number of training sessions throughout the year.