Prefect Body 2022

Meet our 2022 Head Students

Maddox Manawatu

Head Boy

Tui Marama

Head Girl

Cian Pratt

Deputy Head Boy

Niamh Mason

Deputy Head Girl

The Prefects for 2022:

Back Row: Cian Pratt, Liam Anderson, Radha Harris, Maddox Manawatu, Charlie Weaver, Kane Steenhauer
Front Row: Tui Marama, Keeley Ridley, Niamh Mason, Leonie Wieczorek, Jessie Gallagher, Kayla Craddock, Grace Poynter
Absent: Alexzy Wallace

Senior management and staff are looking forward to working with these leaders to continue to build a positive learning and pastoral culture at Buller High School.

Peer Support:

The Peer support group play a crucial part in the transition of our new Year 9’s into the school. They spend quite a bit of time with the year 9’s in term 1 building and developing relationships with them.
Peer Support leaders were selected in November 2021 by the House Deans.

Grey 2022:
Eden Sutherland
Ewan Stuart
Isla Sutherland
Thomas Gowland-Thomas

Marsden 2022:
Turlough Bennett
Ryan Fox
Nikaia Crickett
Killarnee Barlow

Seddon 2022:
Indi Angel
Samantha Manning
Ashlee Forsyth
Louella Prasad

Wilding 2022:
Phoenix Noble
Allie Syron
Guiseppe Scanlon
Karl Yap

Back Row: Guiseppe Scanlon, Eden Sutherland, Isla Sutherland, Killarnee Barlow, Nikaia Crickett, Karl Yap
Front Row: Ryan Fox, Ashlee Forysth, Indi Angel, Louella Prasad, Samantha Manning
Absent: Ewan Stuart, Thomas Gowland-Thomas, Turlough Bennett, Phoenix Noble, Allie Syron

Big Brother/Big Sister Peer Support Team:

This was first trailed in 2016. It is a partnership between Home builders, North school and Buller High School. 
In the programme, the High School students will mentor 1:1 with a student from North School. This has proved very successful and provided additional support for year 8 students in their transition to Buller High School

Senior House Leaders:

Arya Gower, Levi Phipps

Grace Poynter, Turlough Bennett

Louella Prasad, Samantha Manning

Maddox Manawatu, Keeley Ridley

Student Council:

Student Council reps 2022, as voted in from House Groups.

Arya Gower
Maya Mitchell

Lyra Barlow-Waters
Emma Rajasaari

Indi Angel
Ashlee Forsyth

Corbin Dent
Jai Price

Junior Leadership Programme:

Students in year 9 and 10 are offered the opportunity to take on some junior leadership roles during the year. These students will complete a number of training sessions throughout the year.