The four pastoral houses are key groups in our school, each house overseen by a Dean. The house class structure is vertical, based around the tuakana-teina model where our older students provide active support for and build relationships with the newer students.
Mā te tuakana te teina e tōtika, Mā te teina te tuakana e tōtika
(The older will lead the younger and the younger will lead the older)


The young, curled shoots of native ferns, Pikopiko are an edible delicacy, traditionally eaten at Matariki festivals and also used to garnish dishes. Pikopiko are representative of the journey ākonga make throughout their schooling.


Known for their brilliant red flowers the Southern Rātā favours the high rainfall conditions of the west coast. Native birds, bees, bats and lizards all benefit from the presence of rātā in the forest. Similarly, our ākonga are diverse and benefit from education in different ways.



The harakeke plant represents the whānau. The rito (shoot) is the child. It is surrounded by the awhi rito (parents) and the outside leaves represent the tīpuna (ancestors). Versatile, the harakeke is also one of Aotearoa’s most distinctive plants. It is hoped that all ākonga are nurtured in a whānau environment.

Tī Kōuka

Although they grow throughout the country, Tī kōuka prefer wet, open areas. They grow 12-20 metres tall and as the plant gets old, the stems may die but new shoots grow from any part of the trunk. Each year our new ākonga provide the new shoots from which the plant continues to grow.


House Teachers/Deans 2022


Mr Hausmann (Hm)

Gavin Housmann (1)

Mr Collins
(Grey CL) H2
Miss Blackwood
(Grey BL) Gym 2

Miss Lord
(Grey LD) B4
Ms Szybowski
(Grey SB) H6


Mrs Comeskey (Cm)

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Mr Burns
(Marsden BU) B2
Mr Rory Collins
(Marsden CS) C2

Mrs Mulowayi
(Marsden MU) B1
Mr Schofield
(Marsden SC) G2


Mr Weaver (Wv)

Kevin Weaver (1)

Miss Stephens
(Seddon SE) H1
Mr Dorey
(Seddon DY) G3

Ms Longbottom
(Seddon LO) D1
Mr Wohlers
(Seddon WH) B5

Ti Kouka

Ms Hollis (Hl)

Sheree Hollis-min

Mr Jeffries
(Wilding JE) B6
Mr Lindblom
(Wilding LN) D4

Miss Meynell
(Wilding ME) B3
Mrs Woodcock
(Wilding WO) D3