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Materials Technologies [Wood /Metal]:​

Materials Technologies is the unlimited gaining of practical project construction skills, knowledge and techniques with resistant materials that are interwoven and guided by BCITO
(Beats) & Competenz plus Technology achievement standards. The over-arching aim of the department is to equip young minds with knowledge that can be further developed. (Trades, Tertiary, University, Life)

Graphics DVC:

Graphics DVC is the design principles and working drawings support materials Technologies as well as a stand-alone design subject. The skills and vocabulary you need to question, research and design will be taught so that your creativity to design and build spaces/solutions for work, home and play will be presented in the right language.

Technologies like CAD, Word processing and machines like laser and CNC will be available to challenge research and problem-solving.

Junior Curriculum

Students follow a creative path that challenges and up-skills while at the same time allowing all students to achieve success. This course is important because it incorporates the essential and vital workshop behaviour/skills and techniques that are required by NCEA and BCITO. This is the time to lay the foundations for success in the following years. Every project has a personal design opportunity built into it. CAD Sketch-Up will be taught so BYOD is a distinct advantage. The ability to produce drawings (CAD) and write notations (Word processor) is part of the course. Supportive written and visual (photographic) evidence to verify work will be required.

Senior Curriculum

Workshop Technologies

This is a skill and theory-based course to challenge students through a variety of different wood projects that usually incorporate other resistant materials. 

Materials Technologies [Metal]

This is a skill and theory-based course to challenge students through a variety of different metal related projects that usually incorporate other resistant materials

Design and Visual Communication

Design is one of the fastest-growing industries both nationally and internationally. This is a subject that is an essential skill for manufacturing technologies as designs are developed for future generations. The course is hands-on doing and making with the assistance of technologies like a cad, word processing and communication via the internet.

 Courses flow chart

List of Department staff

Rex Collins – HOD Rex.collins@buller.ac.nz
Bryan Forsyth bryan.forsyth@buller.ac.nz    

Important department information

  • Fee for take-home materials
  • Personal computer/laptop a distinct advantage.
  • Parental involvement and input and advantage and encouraged.
  • Health and safety in workshops are paramount and enforced.
  • Communication will involve Teams /email