English Dept

English Dept

English encompasses learning about both language and literature, including novels, short stories, poetry, and film.  Students will develop their reading, writing, viewing, presenting, speaking, and listening skills. Discovering how language works will enable students to communicate effectively for a range of purposes and use a variety of forms.

The Junior Curriculum:

Years 9 and 10 allow students to develop strengths in written, spoken, and visual language through a variety of learning opportunities. In English, we hope to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the language. Our key foci at every level relate specifically to the NZ English Curriculum, and we take pride in the wide range of concepts and texts that we study with our classes.

The Senior Curriculum:

The focus is to develop the skills and understanding that students have gained from junior English. Students will be taught the skills needed to think critically and communicate their ideas through their study of written and visual texts.

During the year students will study short, extended written and visual text. They will develop their creative, formal, and transactional writing skills as well as have the option to complete the speech assessment. The study that students complete will lead to internal assessments as they undertake their studies and three external assessments at the end of the year.

The study of English leads to a wide range of tertiary study options and to a wide variety of careers as the possession of highly developed skills of comprehension and expression is essential to numerous careers.

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Students may be issued a class text (novel), this is the student’s responsibility and must be returned to school in good condition by the due date.  Failure to do so will result in an invoice for replacement costs.